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Oscar Wilde Pedigree

Sommerplace Jackson

n 22

Shanty´s Hijacker d 22 Shanty´s Blackout Bounty n22 EC WW Hopeless Tribes Hurricane Cooler
Mountaineer´s Queen Victoria
Glowcoon´s Ballerina Willowplace Paladin
Cozy Farm Whitney Houston
Sommerplace Xandra n 22 Shirkan of Sommerplace CH Hillside Major Mc Cheese
Proud Mary´s Ginger
Sommerplace Virginia CH Witchcats Sergeant Pepper
Queeny of Sommerplace
Allure´s Indiana


EC Pahokee´s Joshua Tree Pahokee´s Purple Rain Tara´s Wolf-Maine
Tara´s Black Mamba
Willowplace Roxanne St Clouds Silverdude of Willowplace
Willowplace Legendary Facsimile
CH Woodshadows Fire and Ice CH. Lennox of Woodshadow GIC Monashees Wizaed Jac
CH Monashees First Impression
CH. Macavity Marilyn GIC Macavity Calypso
CH Mama-Walker´s Bla-Astra